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Create And Sell Your Online Courses to Millions of African Secondary School Students.

If You Offer Private Lessons, You Can Create and Sell Online Courses To Your Students and Millions More on

No Need For Running Up and Down After School, Teach or Learn Conveniently, Save Money as a Parent/Student, or Earn 10X More as a Private Tutor. .

Online Courses

Free video tutorials for qualified educators on how to create courses on Koya, enabling them to create quality courses for their students.

Low Bandwidth

Considering the current internet costs in Africa, our videos are low-Mb using compression technology from, only about 50-100 Mb is needed to complete a course.

Verified Educators

Every educator is vetted and screened, with help from TRCN, and other teacher recruitment agencies.

Unlimited Access

Anywhere, anytime access for students, with the option of downloading videos for later access at no cost.

Digital Education For Africa

As a Tutor looking To Earn More, or a Student Looking To Learn More Flexibly, Koya Would Help You Without Draining Your Pocket or Your Mb.

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Our Mission

Koya Believes Every African, Regardless of Income or Location, Deserves Access to Quality Education, and Our Educators Also Deserve Proper Compensation For All Their Wonderful Efforts.

If You Have Any Suggestions, Or Want To Get Involved at Any Capacity, Please Holla, Simply Click The Button Below, or Reach out To Us Through Our Social Media Handles. 

Looking Forward to Hearing From You.