Digital Skills

Free step by step video tutorials on how to easily create online courses with tools as accessible as phones and laptops.

Unlimited Access

Anywhere, anytime access for students, with the option to download videos for later access at no cost.

Low Bandwidth

Considering internet costs in Africa, our videos are low-Mb. Using AI compression technology, only about 100mb is needed to complete a course.

Revision Based

Primarily to complement face to face learning. Helping to save time and combat location and scheduling constraints.

Interactive Features

Educators can create and moderate discussion boards that enable students to get help from them and fellow students.


Koya operates with an Educator-first approach. We believe a successful educator produces successful students and African edtech can only thrive with a holistic inclusion of active education stakeholders.

About Us

Koya is an Educator-first online learning marketplace for k-12 education in Africa.

Too much of educator's quality time is lost on delivering after school lessons.

Koya teaches educators/schools how to create quality pre-recorded revision-based online courses primarily for their existing students, and helps them monetize using Koya’s app.

Educators Taught
Students Benefited
About Us
Why Koya?

Earn 10X More by doing Less!

We know how stressful teaching is, and how little time you have for your families and yourselves, especially because you still need to deliver after-school lessons.
With Koya you can:

  • Reduce your need to be physically present
  • Help your students study more flexibly
  • Remove location restraints
  • Reduce scheduling challenges
  • Earn far more than face to face
  • and much more…
How Koya Works

We're still building our App

But you wouldn't have to wait for too long.

Just make sure to leave your email address at the top of this page if you haven’t already done so, and we’ll make sure you stay informed.

Koya’s free video step-by-step guide on how to easily create a quality online course as a first-timer with your phone and/or laptop would be made available a few weeks before our app is live. So stay tuned.

Watch & Learn
Watch & Learn

Free step-by-step video tutorials tailored for African first-timers would be available to help educators scale the most feared stage.

Create & Post
Create & Post

Create your course in any style you choose, primarily to supplement classroom learning for your current students and random Koya learners.

Sell & Earn 10X More
Sell & Earn 10X More

Sell to your current students, but that’s not all, we’ll also help you sell to our community of learners.

Our Mission

Educator-first Approach

Koya believes the empowerment of Educators is the most effective approach to improving education in a holistic and exponentially scallable way.

Empowerment by equipping passionate educators with sufficient digital skills to create monetizable online courses is our goal, and we believe we can help at least 1 million k-12 teachers in Africa by 2027.

Our Mission

What Educators are saying

Koya has been widely welcomed by our overworked and underpaid educators and their institutions.

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Our Location

Ibadan, Nigeria

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Phone : +234 80 3526 8694

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