Who is Koya.Africa for?

Koya.Africa is for classroom teachers, private tutors, secondary schools, tutorial centers, A Level institutions and their students.

I'm not African nor based in Africa, can I still teach or learn?

Koya.Africa is open to all, however, our content is curricula specific to Africa.

How does Koya.Africa work?

Similar to Udemy.com, Koya.Africa partners with educators and institutions by providing a platform to sell online courses primarily to supplement classroom learning.

I'm interested, how do I subscribe?

Great! Just enter your email in the subscription box at the top of the home page and a confirmation email would be sent to you. As soon as we go live, we'll contact you.

How do I create an online course?

Koya.Africa has a step-by-step video guide for interested first time course creators. The tutorial would show you how to create courses with your smart phones and laptops. Editing tools and teaching styles would also be addressed. The tutorial would be made available 3 weeks before our App is ready, so make sure you subscribe now.

How do I get students to sell to?

Koya.Africa is primarily designed to support active teachers with students. Your courses should be produced for your current students' revision, but should also be able to be used by any other interested students.</p> <p>So, you would be able to start with your current students and Koya.Africa would drive traffic from other users to your courses.

How do I get paid?

Revenue would be shared. When you bring a student, Koya.Africa takes a small commission, but equal commission when we bring you a student.

When would Koya's app be ready?

We are working fast and carefully enough to get it ready in a few months.

Can I sign up now and start preparing my video?

Yes you can. Just fill out the contact form below, and we will get back to you.

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